You deserve freedom, safety, and hope. You deserve to be loved.

REST serves individuals of all ages and genders who have been trafficked or involved in the sex trade—which can mean anything from trading sex for money or survival to stripping to being forced to sell sex by someone else. We seek to care for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit; and we value the unique strengths and needs of each individual. We believe everyone, including you, is worthy of love.


Services designed with you in mind.

Our aim is to be a supportive resource to survivors and assist you in meeting your goals.

We know you have unique strengths and needs. We seek to respect, honor, and value who you are. We are here to partner with you as you explore and discover your own path to freedom, safety, and hope.

The best way to connect with our services is to call or text our 24/7 Hotline, or visit us at our Drop-In Center during open hours.


“I’ll never forget that first date. It’s ingrained in my mind.”

“One date turned into thousands of dates a year to make money for the man I loved, who was not only my boyfriend but my pimp. I felt proud to be taking care of him and ignored the parts of me that felt stuck or devalued by it.

Then I met REST and began to come to Thrive, the survivor support group. This was a place like no other. It was finally a space that was completely accepting, without judgment. We could talk openly, about topics that were normally taboo. But mostly, it created a sense of belonging. Being surrounded by other survivors who knew and understood—it felt safe. It felt like home.” - Jackie, Survivor, REST Staff Member - out of the life for over five years