REST Staff

Here are some of the people you may meet if you enroll in our Community Advocacy program, visit our Drop-In Center, engage in other services, or run into one of our Outreach Team Members.



Audrey is our Programs Manager. She majored in Multicultural Studies and has worked with individuals in the sex trade for 15 years. She celebrates genuine relationships and honest conversations. When she is not working, she is climbing trees and riding bikes with her two kids.



Danielle is our Survivor Engagement Specialist—she’s currently pursuing her MA in Counseling and Psychology. She is a mother of four, wife of one amazing man, and a contributor at Red Tent Living.



Davina is our Drop-In Coordinator. She's passionate about making Drop-In safe, organized, resourceful, and hospitable. She loves Jesus, adores her husband and cherishes her family.



Emily is our Community Advocate for all genders. Her passions lie in beauty of all kinds: people, nature, and community. If she’s not working, you can find her investing in her garden and family.



Jackie is our Community Advocate Supervisor. She was previously REST's Peer Support Specialist, and Outreach Coordinator, and she has seen first hand our clients’ needs. She is a mother, a business owner, artist, friend, and outdoors lover.



Tiffany is our South King Community Advocate. Her background is in business and community development. She loves Jesus, justice, her dog, ice cream, volleyball, and floating the river on a hot day.


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