We deeply believe that every single person—including you—deserves to be loved.

For the past decade, REST has been walking alongside individuals who have experienced the sex trade. We have learned so much from survivors, and have utilized your feedback to create programs that are designed to serve individuals who have experienced sexual exploitation of any type.

We know that you may have been dreaming about your future long before we met you and we want to support you with the dreams you’ve already envisioned. We also get that your experiences in the sex trade may have been conflicting, addictive, traumatic, or painful, and can make it difficult to hope for a future beyond the sex trade—but we are here to hope with you.

Our goal is for you to find your own pathways to freedom, safety, and hope. Your participation in our programs and services is completely up to you—you are smart, capable, and you know what is best for you. We will be there to help support you in those decisions.

You deserve to be loved. You deserve a life free from exploitation.

REST is a Christian organization, but we welcome you as you are and don’t try to convert people. We serve and celebrate people of all faiths and backgrounds. You are never required to engage with faith to receive services, though you are welcome to explore your faith journey here if you would like to.